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IGA  Berlin 2017 - Natur(ally) in the city!

IGA Berlin 2017 will create a new urban landscape on Berlin's periphery, right in the heart of the Marzahn-Hellersdorf district from the 13th April to 15th October 2017. "At the outskirts and right in the city centre": With IGA Berlin 2017, this seeming contradiction will turn into a uniquely new model for urban living. With its arrangement of and contents within green spaces for nature and recreation, IGA 2017 on the outskirts of Berlin will create a new model for the city of the future.

IGA Berlin 2017 will present a new type of landscape discovery park as an unprecedented space where visitors can experience garden art, nature and landscape design as an integrated thematic and natural unit which is extended and enriched by offering games, sports and recreation as well as art and culture. In the context of an international landscape architecture competition in spring 2013, the new landscape discovery park is taking shape, encompassing the Kienberg and Wuhletal regions as well as the Gardens of the World in order to set up a striking, topographically very diverse landscape space offering high leisure and recreational value on more than 100 hectares. IGA Berlin 2017 will also double the area of the existing Gardens of the World adding many attractions and thereby completing the entire complex.

What's more, Marzahn-Hellersdorf will become an experimenting ground and future lab for green urban spaces where the garden of the future as a piece of urban land and source of future food diversity, alternative energy supplier or meeting point of a new "rurban" society will materialise in 2017. IGA 2017 will make itself felt throughout the entire city by networking and driving the development of existing features.

From the private balcony to the water garden, from the vegetable bed to the urban farm, from the urban woods to a new landscape discovery park – visitors will be able to discover what, how and where gardens can be. In Marzahn-Hellersdorf and all over Berlin, IGA 2017 will be a garden festival of its own: around 170 days of diverse and visionary celebration of garden culture and urban nature.